shut-off your mind before bedtime

 5 Ways to “Shut-Off” Your Mind Before Bedtime

Multiple techniques have been introduced already for a person to sleep faster. Among these options, shutting off the brain is deemed to be the most effective. Once your mind is relaxed, have a sound evening rest would be a lot easier.

However, here’s the catch: trying to shut-off your mind before bedtime is TOUGH! 

Our brain is designed to think and to process ideas. It is entirely reasonable, but during bedtime, it is a harrowing experience. Some thoughts are gnawing and can turn into worries.

Again, it is true that you can’t easily shut off your brain. Despite this, you can still elevate all the essential requirements for your mind and body to get relaxed. 

Here’s are 5 ways to shut-off your mind before bedtime.

Shut Down Your Devices

It is true that you can’t switch-off your mental faculties. However, you can always help your mind and eyes relax by shutting down the gadgets that surround you. The radiation alone that is coming from these things can distract and stress your eyes. Here’s a resource to look into about the importance of sleep and blue light! 

While it is true that people are not prohibited to install entertainment systems on their bedrooms, it is still recommended that you won’t use them during or before your sleeping time.

The things that you watch can play into your head, causing your mind to be active when it shouldn’t be.

Take a Warm Bath

There’s nothing wrong if you want to spoil yourself before bedtime. Before you go to sleep, it would be a nice thing if you could take a warm bath or shower. This kind of pleasure can also help in soothing your mind–allowing you to sleep faster.

Raising the temperature of your body will cause your body to feel sedated. It ensures that your entire system is relaxed and your mind, satisfied. Of course, when you have a relaxed mind, sleeping would never be a problem on your part.

You can also include some additives in your bath. Why not include scented herbs and lotions in the equation? They can double the sedating effect that your body can feel.

Get a Nice Bedroom

Honestly, it is pretty difficult to rest on a place where there is a lot of clutter and mess. Before you can find peace, make sure that your environment is conducive enough to support your goal.

Cleaning your bedroom is already a good start. Just clean all the rubbish that you see. Take out any heap of garbage that is sprawling round. Eliminate all items that cause distractions and uneasiness to you.

Of course, you have to fix your bed, too. Find an ergonomic mattress that can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You also need to get a set of soft pillows to optimize the relaxation that your mind and body can handle.

Try Yoga

Yoga is an activity that elevates your mental control, concentration, and calm. It is not just a routine where you have to twist your body on some weird and extreme angles. In fact, even those who aren’t skinny enough can do the acrobatics in yoga.

Yoga is said to be an exercise that connects the body, mind, and spirit. This is the very reason why the regimen in yoga is not as extensive as those you can see in the gym. Instead, what yoga develops is discipline so that people can learn proper meditation to achieve a relaxed state.

Furthermore, it has been said that yoga also improves the quality of your evening rest. For instance, to stop snoring, some yoga routines should be executed.

Play Relaxing Sounds

Not all noises are distracting.

Some of them can cause your mind to feel calm. For sleeping, it is best if you can play natural sounds–such of those that replicate that ocean, wind, or rain. Our brain accepts them as sedatives, so they are really useful for those whose minds are too baffled for sleep.

You can play these noises on a repeated loop until such time you fall asleep. Make it as a low noise or something that would serve as an audio background to your bedroom.

Wrapping it Up

You don’t need to have a “dead mind” so that you can sleep fast and comfortably. Instead, what you need is a brain that is entirely calm and soothed. It is the one that you need so that you can sleep peacefully during the night.

These techniques that have been introduced in this article are among the most efficient methods for relaxing and strengthening your mind. Please try them and see which ones work best for you.

Layla Parker is the founder and chief editor of I decided to start taking my blog about sleep seriously to help people find what they need to experience better sleep and maintain their health.