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How the iPhone Can Ruin Your Golf Game

How the iPhone Can Ruin Your Golf Game Yes, talking on the phone and texting and listening to music ruins your golf game. It’s a distraction… But, the iPhone can ruin your golf game through this one annoying feature called auto-correct. Haven’t we all sent text messages that auto-corrects one word and the entire message becomes […]

3 characteristics of the best athletes…

3 Characteristics of the Best Athletes People often ask, what are the features of the very best athletes? Having coached, observed, studied, collaborated, spent time  and spoken with athletes for my entire life, here are the three (3) characteristics of the best athletes. Note: I have chosen not to include talent, because talent is a pre-requisite. […]

Play this game and see if you’re a control freak.

Have you ever played the game— I love you more?  Choose from the following three choices, which relationship best describes you. 1) Your partner loves you more than you love him or her. Or 2)  You love your partner more then he/she loves you. Or 3)  You love each other equally, but it is really boring.  […]

How I got Adam Vinatieri to contribute to my book.

Any successful NFL kicker is the epitome of mental toughness, and Adam Vinatieri is the most clutch kicker of all-time. This is evident in his record four Super bowl victories; three of those as a result of his game winning kicks. My intention from the beginning of the book was to interview Adam Vinatieri about […]

How an unseeded player won the USTA Nationals

Collin Altamirano won the 2013 USTA Nationals—the most competitive junior tournament in the United States and an invite into the coveted U.S. Open. In doing so, he became the first unseeded player ever to win the event. One of Collin’s strengths evident at the USTA Nationals was his ability to hit the best ball. His […]

The Horrible Hinge Quarterback

This hinge quarterback threw more career interceptions (220) than touchdowns (173). He completed only 50.1% of his passes and his career QB rating was 65.5. This quarterback also lost more games in his career than he won—68-71-4. (Mark Sanchez would be the hands-down starter compared to these numbers). However, this quarterback was also inducted into the […]

How a Reader’s Digest Became The Hinge Moment

  How A Reader’s Digest Became The Hinge Moment The Hinge connects who we are with who we become. It is the one moment, event, or person that makes the difference in our lives…We just don’t know when or who that person or event will be.  I’ve had many Hinge moments, some good and some […]

How to get FRONT ROW any any show!

This is what (we) did at the Tom Petty show. There is a mental toughness component to it (of course). They don’t give front row seats away, you have to pay for them or win them. How to get front row at ANY show A colleague  of mine,  Tom, was part of the group at […]

Make Goals NOT Deals

Click here to receive a FREE FILM On Mental Toughness At the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Billy Mills would make history with his iconic sprint to win the gold medal in the 10,000 meters. He was so unknown, that a Japanese reporter asked him after his win “who are you?” He is still the last […]

“I Was Robbed!”

How many times have we heard in sport or life, “I was robbed of that play “or “that game was stolen?” If we have said it or have been a part of it, then we know the thoughts and feelings that go along with it. Well, literally, I was robbed! During an early morning swim […]