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How to Become a Paid Speaker

Here’s How to Become a Paid Speaker I spoke to head coach Mary Ann Sedor who is the founder of  Intent Multisport. She is an awesome “all-in” person and I interviewed her for my book- NO ONE Gets There ALONE.  I sent her a video clip about my experience completing a 1/2 Ironman, and she commented how […]

(VIDEO) What Blocks Us From Mental Toughness

What Blocks us from Mental Toughness One of the most difficult things in life is to let go of old ideas and ways of thinking. The sexy term nowadays is having a growth mindset compared to a fixed mindset. Here’s how it plays out. Hope you enjoy this brief Mental Toughness video.  “The secret it […]

Why I dig coschedule

I write tons… Every single day in fact for 1 hour. It’s how I’ve published 5 books on Mental Toughness as well as a weekly blog post. However, I had an issue getting my content to enough people,see I would produce so much content that it became tough to keep up with being able to […]

Two Specific Mental Health Tips for Success

 Two Specific Mental Health Tips  When you HEAR mental health, do you automatically think Mental Illness or depression? Mental Health = Health = Mental Strength  If you look up Mental Health, the first listings have to do with mental illness. If we define mental health, it is the LACK of mental illness. When I hear […]

Three reasons why SMART goals are stupid

I completely failed the first time as a young Sport Psychology coach. I started working  with the a University baseball team. I had my mental toughness session all planned out and we were going to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. The word still makes me cringe. Of course the team session went well, we did the song […]