How Much Time Do You Want To Devote To Improve Your Mental Game?

Is life predicated on how bad do you really want it?

Are we willing to do the things that we don’t want to do, or simply to do the little things better?

Much of what holds us all back though is getting started. So this guide is aimed at assisting you wherever you are on your journey.  It starts with a commitment and answering the question of how much time do you want to invest?

5 Minutes To Improve Your Mental Game?

If you only had 5 minutes to better your mental game. It would have to be focused on getting centered and present.

Breathing is the best practice, but it is about guided breathing and this audio file will do it.  Play it when you are driving or involved in another transition of life. 

This is the skill that you’ll use everywhere and it’s the simplest to do because we already do it. 


15 Minutes to Improve The Mental Game?

If you only had 15 minutes to improve your game, then watch our film. 

It’s about being brave over not having any fear.- NO FEAR: A Simple Guide to Mental Toughness  

Improve Your Mental Game in One Hour?

If you wanted one hour to dedicate to building your mental toughness, then listen to our podcast 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness. It is longer than 15 minutes, but think about it, if you read a book, how much information do you really get out of it?

Most likely, it’s ONE great idea.

The same premise is here- You’ll get a valuable 15 minutes out of each episode, guaranteed. You’ll dig our podcast- we interview experts on mental toughness and their hinge moment. 

improve your mental game

One Day To Train It?

If you have one day, you can certainly do all of the above.

But, if you have a day, then, you’ll want to read the book- NO ONE Gets There ALONE. A life-changing hinge moment is the reason why this book was written and it is ALL about creating a better US. We cannot help out others without also helping out ourselves. 

no one gets there alone

How About One Month To Sky-Rocket Your Mentality?

Now, you’re getting into the big leagues of training.

I love challenges and if you want to be the BEST at getting BETTER, then check out our 30-day Mental Toughness Challenge.

It ONLY starts at the beginning of the month. Every day you’ll receive a new challenge focused on creating a BETTER YOU and a BETTER US.

This is not a quick fix, this is a solution.

Here’s a step-by-step strategy that will completely change the way you live and improve your game. 

dr rob bell

Dr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. His company DRB & Associates is based in Indianapolis.  Some clients have included: Indy Eleven, University of Notre Dame, Marriott, and Walgreens. Check out all the books.   

Please check out the podcast 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness as we interview expert athletes and coaches about Mental Strength and their Hinge Moment.