Winner of Book: Mental Toughness Training for Golf: Jonathan Darling

Body language is important in nearly every sport, but it is most important in Gymnastics.

Not only are the athletes asked to execute incredible displays of athleticism, but to smile while doing it. Gymnasts have to smile after a poor routine or dismount, even though it is probably the last thing that they want to do.

“Body language doesn’t talk, it screams.”

There is a mind-body relationship. Yes, our thoughts dictate how we feel, but the opposite is also true. Our body language often dictates our thoughts and our feelings. Simply put, mental toughness requires good body language. More to come next week when the article is published….

Honorable mentions of Body Language Importance: BLI

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1)    Poker: Yes- 100% @phillippiansdac & @mitchpgapro. Practically the ONLY reason this was not #1 was because Gymnastics wins out on the athleticism, and injury factor, and that you can’t smoke and do it.

2)    Figure Skating-Huge BLI. They often have to fake it as well with their BL if they do not stick a landing and they also have to smile during their performance as well.

3)    Competitive Cheer: again, 100% on the money @bkavicky. The nod still has to go the NCAA sanctioned and Olympic sport of Gymnastics.

4) Bull-Fighting- Um, yep.