3 Ways to Build Mental Toughness for Golfers

Preparation is key to success, period.

When we look at those who aren’t achieving the success that they want, we look back to their consistency of play and preparation

We need to work on the correct things and practice the correct way! Besides, The resiliency of golfers is DIRECTLY connected with the short game!

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If we three-putt, miss a putt inside of five feet, or do not get up and down, then, it can sap out all of the momentum we’ve built up.

mental toughness for golfers

These 3 drills will test and improve focus, emotional sobriety, resiliency, re-focusing and competitiveness.

Partners will help a ton with these competitive drills.  Wow think of the feeling you’ll have after you’ve drained 100 3-footers in a row.

That’s how you build mental toughness for golfers- Doing the things that you don’t want to do. 

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