5 Types of People Who Can Help You

The 5 Types of People Who Can Help You Build Mental Toughness

Challenges are an inescapable and necessary part of the road to success, which is why it is imperative to build mental toughness needed to overcome them.

No one gets there alone, so you’ll need the support of the following people to grow.

One of the best ways to become mentally tough is by surrounding yourself with the 5 kinds of people who can help you build Mental Toughness. 

1. A person that is accomplished 
2. An individual who doubts you. 
3. Someone that guides you. 
4. Anyone that criticizes you. 
5. Another person with self-discipline. 

1. A Person That is Accomplished

Not only is it important to have goals , but also have people that have achieved
success. Researchers from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering have discovered a connection between strong cognitive performances and social influence.

In their study, they learned that the people who performed well were positively influenced by group

Learning from others’ success will help apply the right attitude to your own
journey, as they can help you mentally prepare for potential obstacles along the way.

2. An Individual Who Doubts You

In contrast to someone that inspires, there also needs to be someone which makes you doubt
your dreams and your ability to achieve them.


As previously shared in We All Need This Type Of Person In Our Life, a person who doesn’t believe in you will make you have more confidence in yourself when deciding to let it be an inspiration.

It’s not about proving that person wrong, but showing yourself and others that you are right! 

3. Someone That Guides You

In your leadership journey, it’s ideal to find someone who can guide by striking that balance
between showing the way and challenging youMaryville University highlights the
importance of mentors that one can confide and consult with to build the skills needed to be a

This is especially crucial for learning how to manage teams and confronting change, as
these are skills that we can’t exactly learn from a book.

A mentor can serve as your thermostat for what it means to be a good leader and how to develop your mental toughness. This is just one of the 5 types of people who can help you build Mental Toughness. 

4. Anyone Who Criticizes You

It’s vital to have a critic in your life as well.

EVERYONE who has reached levels of success and significance has had this person who criticized them! We may be familiar with this person — the one who is quick to announce that you’re wrong, the one who finds fault in all you do, and the one who simply wants to tear others down. Some people seriously get off on that stuff! 

Every wonder why Forrest Gump Started Running? 

Although this is a negative person, being in their presence can help cultivate a stronger sense of self-control, and can help be mindful of the effects of your decisions.

This person reminds us that you’re in charge of your emotions and actions.

5. Another Person With Self-Discipline

Acquiring mental toughness requires a lot of self-discipline, as we’ll encounter trials and tribulations — which will eventually lead to triumphs — along the way. One of the 5 types of people who can help you is a person with self-discipline. 

A study shared by the Huffington Post found that being around self-disciplined people can help strengthen your own willpower.

Having this type of person in your life will not only enhance mental toughness but also make someone more motivated to achieve their goals.

Written by Celene Ashleigh—Tech enthusiast. Gamer. Blogger. Music Lover. Always updated with the latest upbeat trends in social media, gadgets, game releases and chic fashion.