how to keep your sanity intact and thrive

5 ways to keep your sanity intact and thrive during this time...

WE ARE ALL IN THIS... But not together...
  We experience it differently. 
  • Those with infants, school-aged children, teenagers, and NO kids have it different. 
  • People that can work from home experience it differently.
  • Mothers who are trying to teach their own kids from home AND their own classroom experience it differently.
  • Nurses, health-care workers, and the like who are on the front lines every day have it different.
  • Residents of nursing homes have it different.
  • Those who can't work have it different.
  • Those who are forced to work have it different.
  • Illinois is different than California.
  • New York City has it differently than Georgia.
"Different" implies comparison, but we still all experience it differently. In order to keep your sanity intact during this time, it will require focusSadly, division will occur. It will separate us all over the next several weeks and months and will cause more distress and fear and uncertainty.
The fall out from the quarantine and stay at home orders will rear its ugly head. The fall out will manifest as a form of PTSD. 

Focusing on differences isolates us, but focusing on the similarities connects us. Whatever we focus on, we feel!

We can choose to focus on the differences OR we can focus on the similarities. 
  • We all have opinions about the virus itself and its impact.
  • We all have "takes" on opening up the country and world.
  • We all have fear, indecision, and uncertainty.

5 ways to keep your sanity intact and thrive during this time...

1. Have a morning routine.
2. Have an evening routine. 
3. Physically distance, but...
4. Shut off the damn news.
5. Compete. 

Have a Morning Routine. 
- Wake-up time, exercise, quiet time, get dressed, make-bed. Whatever you do, keep it dialed in and tight. Remember, we are competing against our own mind!

2. Have An Evening Routine. 
The hours you sleep before midnight count double. Maintain the same bedtime you normally do to keep your sanity, OR get way out of whack. 

3. Physically Distance, but...
- But, do not social distance! Re-connect with someone in the past, connect with someone in your present, and reach out to someone whom you normally wouldn't. Remember, Connection is the opposite of distancing. 

4. Shut Off the Damn News...
- Every news station wants YOU to watch. It's called ratings.  The negative is way more powerful than the positive. But, it creeps into your mind and slowly oozes out of your mouth and actions. We have to include social media as news sites as well. Shut it off! We need to marinate our minds with positivity. 

5. Compete...
- Your mind wants you to stay safe. The way to remain safe is to stay indoors and under the covers. Your mind does not care about you reaching your goals. So, our mind starts to drift toward the insane and a slow spiral of more fear, apprehension, negativity, and distrust of others develop.
You need to compete against your own mind and push yourself, get out of any comfort zone you've created, and stay attacking. 

This is how you keep your sanity intact and thrive during this time. 


dr rob bell speakerDr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. DRB & associates coach executives and professional athletes. Some clients have included three different winners on the PGA Tour, Indy Eleven, University of Notre Dame, Marriott, and Walgreens. 

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