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4 Simple Ways: How To Achieve Patience

How To Achieve Patience  (The Fastest Way Possible)  We are designed to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. To illustrate, which program would you buy? How to be rich in 90 days or less? Or How to be rich in 7-9 years? This illustrates the appeal that speed has in […]

The Sheer Power Of Patience And Money

  Rich people have money, but wealthy people have time. The power of time is how one creates real wealth. Wealthy people use their money to actually have more available time. The main principle behind wealth is patience and money.  Warren Buffet said it best when asked by fellow billionaire, Jeff Bezos, why everyone doesn’t […]

15 Real Life Examples of Patience | DRB & Associates

  “We should not let an illusion of urgency force us to make decisions before we are ready.” — Nelson Mandela Patience is the number one attribute when it comes to becoming a great chef. You have to be patient because it takes a long time. It actually took me 20 years before I could […]

What Really Happens When You Prove Yourself Right ?

What Really Happens When You Prove Yourself Right ? When someone close to you tells you, “You can’t do something” , “that’s a bad idea” or ” don’t try it”,  it becomes a lightning strike. The most successful people in the existence of the world were told either through their circumstance or by someone else […]

10 Actions of Tough Basketball Teams | (INFOGRAPHIC)

10 Actions of Tough Basketball Teams There’s two kinds of seasons in Indiana. Basketball season and waiting for basketball season.  Check out our blog post- 10 Life Lessons From The Last Dance Documentary Now, I’m just a mental coach. However, I have been fortunate enough to have watched, observed, and listened to great coaches throughout […]

Most Important List of 10 Mental Toughness Documentaries

Most Important List of 10 Mental Toughness Documentaries Our previous two posts have a plethora of mental game documentaries. So, basically for another set of twenty to pick from: check these two posts out. This list may eventually run its course , but as stated before: We would not promote or suggest docs that suck […]

7 Ways To Build Grit | Honest & Tough

7 Ways To Build Grit HONEST ways?  It’s honest, not only because these are truthful, but because the truth often hurts! For example, when someone asks you “do you ‘really’ want to know what I think?”  Is that an honest request, or is it an ask for positive feedback, even if it was awful?  The […]

Tell Yourself and Stop Listening To Yourself

Start Telling Yourself and STOP Listening To Yourself It’s kind of funny when people want to discuss their subconscious. It’s usually in the context that their subconscious mind kept them from what they wanted to happen. The subconscious has become a scapegoat.  Yes, we all have limiting beliefs patterns, faulty habits, head trash, and personality […]

25 Examples Of People Who Can Puke & Rally

Top 25 Examples Of People Who Can Puke & Rally Excerpt from the book If we have been told or shown that we are not good enough, either by others or our circumstance, then we all can have a comeback. Many do not, it is far easier to blame and give-up.  It is up to […]