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The Importance of Sleep For Student-Athletes

The Importance of Sleep For Student-Athletes Overall mental health cannot be achieved without quality sleep.  The importance of sleep for student-athletes is vital to mood stabilization, appetite control, and immune system health.  Most athletes understand the importance of recovery and rest days for supporting healthy training and seeing progress. But, let’s face it, Life, stress, […]


What is Mental Toughness to You?

What is Mental Toughness  There are way too many definitions of what is psychological strength. And I’m talking published research definitions. It seemed to be such a sexy term, that scholars just ran with creating their own meaning. But, I am a wash and wear kind of guy, I keep it very simple. But, it […]

8 Simple Ways To Stay In The Moment

8 Simple Ways To Stay In The Moment Our brain is powerful and interesting. But, it has one primary job though and that is to keep us safe!  It’s why the very first thought I have in the morning isn’t to go run, or train, my very first thought is actually negative. As Sport Psychologist, […]

Just ONE WAY to build grit

Just ONE WAY To Build Grit Before the Super Bowl, 49ers Quarterback Steve Young was finally going to get the “monkey off of his back.” He was prepared. He memorized all 300 plays with his quarterback coach Mike Shanahan. One way to build grit is through our preparation.  Basically, we need to prepare as if […]

When I Get Depressed

When I get DEPRESSED is NOT in this picture.  I’m probably more alive than any other time in life. This picture is just moments before diving in the Chesapeake Bay for the beginning of the Ironman. There is something special about the beginning of races and events that bring forth every emotion, almost simultaneously.  Excitement, self-assuredness, […]

How I Changed My Life From Being A Loser

How I Changed My Life From Being A Loser Now, I wasn’t always a loser. It was a slow fade across many years. My childhood was full of athletics, family, academics, friends, and more athletics. But along the way, something changed. Maybe it was pain from parents divorcing and my family splitting up, or anger […]

Top 12 Mental Toughness Quotes For Your Mental Health

If you want a free download of Quotes, then click here for The BEST Mental Toughness Quotes That Will Make You BETTER…  

If you’ve followed my writings or me for any amount of time, you’ll know I’m a quotes honk.

My belief is that motivation is like brushing our teeth. We need to do it every day! We need to marinate our mind with positivity, truth, and the purpose of focusing on others! 

I put together a post of the best visual quotes that you can share. I elaborated a bit on why I chose these 12 mental toughness quotes as well. Feel free to post any of the images as well. 

Top 12 (Visual) Mental Toughness Quotes For Success

mental toughness quotes
If winning was easy, everybody would do it. The best golfer in the world shares how hard it really is to win at any level of competition. 

People don't realize how often you have to come in second in order to finish first. 

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quotes of mental toughness
When you win or have success, your phone blows up. But, When you fail or are fired, only then do you realize who truly cares about you. 

Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan. 

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visual mental toughness quotes
Self-explanatory... It's the will to do the small details...

The will to prepare has to be greater than the will to win. 

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coaching quotes
We have NO idea the impact of our actions or how we make a difference in others lives. That's the importance of NO ONE gets There ALONE.

We can count the number of seeds in an apple, but we can't count the number of apples in one seed. 

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mental toughness quotes for athletes
Mental Toughness quote from the most impactful athlete ever...

The goal is to be physically loose and mentally tight

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visual mental toughness quotes
Frankly, This is how good you have to become to reach greatness. How are you on your worst day? 

On your worst day, you need to beat people at their best. 

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quotes on mental toughness
Every person or team has their own errors that they have to eliminate. Because more games are lost than they are actually won. 

If you want to understand what wins, you HAVE to understand what loses. 

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quote on success
After you have success, remember, you had it inside all along! Winning does not make you, the process does...

Oz never did give nothing to the tin man that he didn't already have. 

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mental toughness quotes for athletes
Bad things will happen, it's ALL about how we overcome it. 

It's not about the setback, it's about the comeback. 

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the hinge quotes
Be prepared for your Hinge moment.

When our moment hits, it's too late to prepare. 

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mental health quote
Our actions DO make a difference, we just can't know the impact! Life is about creating a better US. 

Plant trees that you'll never see. 

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If others are talking about you, it means you're doing something great! Not everyone will be a fan though, in fact, most won't. Keep at it and don't worry about "them." 

They don't boo nobodies. 

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