most important tool to homeschool during the coronavirus crisis

Most Important Tool To Homeschool During The Coronavirus Crisis

If you’re looking for a short-cut through the coronavirus crisis, you won’t find it. The only way out is through! 

This is an obstacle in all of our lives with no timeline, but underneath it lies an opportunity.

It is an opportunity to get better! 

What causes us all stress, apprehension, and worry is the sudden lack of control in our lives. Our schedules have all completely fallen apart and now we are left to deal with it. Keeping perspective is vital during this period.

Most have it rough right now, and many have it worse than you. 

I have two-grade school kids and this is an opportunity that we must maximize. We do it by exercising control over the things that we can control. Even with travel bans, we still control the four walls inside of our home. 

Since so many are now faced with an extreme amount of stress and an onslaught of schooling, here is the most important tool to homeschool during the coronavirus crisis.

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We turn this obstacle into an opportunity by establishing a ROUTINE! 

Almost everything we do contains a routine… How we wake up in the morning, go to work, eat our food, and even shave.  We have become so routine that we are not even aware of it, hence routine. 

We implement these daily routines because our mind seeks comfort, structure, and discipline. In order to get better in this situation as parents, we have to get to establish a ROUTINE.

The routine you set will trump the instructions you give.

And because there is much uncertainty right now, create an environment of comfort that will encourage learning for your kids. This is NOT the time to be lax about screen time or taking it easy. Build leisure time into your routine instead. If we are disciplined during this time, then we create freedom for the mind. 

Your routine is the go-to tool to homeschool during the coronavirus crisis. 

Here are the 5 keys to an effective homeschool routine.

1. Write it Down.
2. Set Time Limits. 
3. Create Habits.
4. Exercise & Fun. 
5. Perfection is The Enemy. 

keep routine at home

1 . Write it Down- 

Writing down the schedule keeps us all focused and accountable. If it’s not written down, then we will simply forget. Our mind gets comfort when it SEES the plan that we set.  If our schedule constantly changes, then write down a few different scenarios. We can always go back and check the scorecard of “when” something needs to be done. 

2. Set Time Limits- 

Our schedule here (left) is set up in approximately 2-hour segments. One of my favorites is Coach Brian Clarke’s schedule (below). They have a larger family, so there’s is more dialed into 30-minute segments. Having chunks of time allows some leeway if our own work schedule gets in the way and it provides buffer room for transition time. 

3. Create Habits-  

During this time of the coronavirus crisis, there is some major yard work, garage and basement deep cleanings that need to be done in our home. It’s a perfect time to set them up to tackle these projects that we haven’t had the inclination to do. If we make it a daily occurrence, then it becomes a habit. We function best with the habits that we create. 

4. Exercise & Fun- 

In our home, we get after it… We have this coronavirus crisis time set up now as a major training block for strength, power, and fitness. We don’t need a gym, we just need some space either outside or in the basement. There is a great opportunity to think about movement and create positive patterns and habits in their lives. Exercising and working out allows them to experience some accomplishment and strengthen the mental toughness muscle. It also provides an outlet for stress and aggravation that will build up. 

It’s important to have personal and friend time included.  The most important tool to homeschool during the coronavirus crisis is having a routine. Fun needs to be part of this routine. They have to have an escape and be able to connect with others. 

5. Perfection is the enemy- 

Too often, we fail to set a standard because we don’t want to fail the standard. This is stinkin’ thinking… Spoiler alert- The routine you establish will break down at some point and you’ll have to adjust.

Perfection is the enemy of good!

Having a routine means doing your best to create structure, comfort, and discipline for your kids. In order to homeschool during the coronavirus crisis, it is imperative to set up a routine. When it is in place, they will be more receptive to learning, changes, and setbacks. 


dr rob bell speakerDr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. DRB & associates coach executives and professional athletes. Some clients have included three different winners on the PGA Tour, Indy Eleven, University of Notre Dame, Marriott, and Walgreens.