Why I Felt Guilty About My Son Being On The News During Coronavirus Pandemic 

I finished playing 9-holes with my son. He is obsessed with the sport and wants to be good. We finish up every round the same way, we chip and putt. Again, he wants to be good. 

The awesome people from WTHR 13 came over and interviewed us  (6 feet away) about what the Coronavirus crisis has meant in terms of our own routine, our relationship, and golf. 

My past several mental toughness blog posts have all been focused on what we can do to marinate our minds and focus on what we can control. Everything on the news during coronavirus is negative. 

This is Why I Felt Guilty About My Son Being On The News During Coronavirus 

The entire news that evening was sad. It was death rates, new cases, and the shortage of supplies many of the health care workers face. The news addressed company lay-offs, and shut-downs and future economic possibilities and timelines.

Then, here is a father and son playing golf during this crisis. 

Now, our course at Stony Creek took great measures to protect everyone:  no contact with anyone, no clubhouse, no range, no carts, no flagsticks, cups were upside down, and everyone was instructed to pick the ball up when close to the hole. Plus, we had hand sanitizer every few holes.”

However, instead of it being a feel-good story about how we bonded and spent time together and got better, it was the opposite. At least it felt that way at first. 

I saw it coming.

The number of negative comments on the FB page was enlightening. People were upset and questioning our entire thought processes.  

We were social distance shamed.

People were upset for a number of different reasons: they didn’t understand why golf was essential, didn’t know the safety measures that were taken. One was upset because their own course was closed, and another because golf was a rich sport. That’s the tough part about being on the news during coronavirus pandemic. 

Frankly, people are scared and the fear is real. There is no control and much uncertainty. We are starting to count the days to the end of the pandemic. 

It’s a hinge moment in all of our lives.

So, being the only positive story on the news during coronavirus made me feel somewhat guilty. Until it dawned on me, “wait, we took precautions, and we are still living life as best as we can.” I can’t change anyone’s mind about what’s right or wrong and I know I’m not a spring breaker at the beach living it up with no cares. 

However, to me and my family, sport and exercise are paramount! It provides us all an avenue and outlet for much frustration and lack of control. Being able to run 14 miles or being able to spend time with my son outside golfing is a blessing.

During this time especially, exercise and movement should be a huge priority!

I stopped feeling guilty when I was reminded that we don’t live for the approval of others. Of course, I want you to like me, but even if you don’t, I’m still going to live out my best possible life. My best life consists of getting after it and it is crazy at times because crazy is what creates cool stuff. 

It’s my role to share with you what I know about the mind, mental toughness, and how to be the best at getting better.  It’s my role to help!

This is painful for many because it requires that we do things that are difficult. That’s not always popular. The truth hurts…

But, I can either be popular and liked, or lead and inspire. Sometimes it’s both, but often, they are exclusive. Just because I had a positive experience in the midst of crisis, did not mean I had to feel bad about it. 

In the next month ahead, people are going to start to suffer more and more. Depression, financial insecurity, fear, anxiety, and the like. Our situations are going to get worse and no statistic is going to be able really to uncover the depth of how people handle and deal with this setback.

We need to focus and create positive experiences in each of our lives and for others! 



dr rob bell speakerDr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. DRB & associates coach executives and professional athletes. Some clients have included three different winners on the PGA Tour, Indy Eleven, University of Notre Dame, Marriott, and Walgreens.