urgency and patience

Urgency is defined as requiring swift action. It means acting with clarity and purpose.

Urgency is also a state of the internal, not a state of the external. Inside of our own lives, urgency is a necessary ingredient for production, performance and success. 

As Hall of Fame Coach Wooden often stated, “Be quick, but don’t hurry. I want quickness under control.” 

Here’s Why Urgency and Patience Are Both Needed For Success (INFOGRAPHIC)

The issue is, by itself, urgency is a lunatic.

We can be urgent toward EVERYTHING. In the least, we are urgent toward too many things and then there’s no off switch and life happens and we can’t ever seem to catch up. Urgency is only best when it is focused execution of the important.

We need to know when to be urgent and how to be patient.

Patience has many layers. 

Because of the importance, power, and relativity of time, patience is the path. It allows us the space and time to decide what’s most important and uncover what is of less importance. 

This path of patience embodies an increased awareness of time, a relationship with the important urgencies, and an elimination of the stress, worry, and hurry that we carry with us.

With patience, our entire attitude and outlook will change.

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger can save a hundred moments of regret.” — Elbert Hubbard

How To Achieve Patience

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This infographic is a reminder of the balance between urgency and patience and the power of time. 

The chart is not incorrect, but it is incomplete. You may live longer or you may live shorter than 80 years. Based on a lifetime of eighty years of life, there are 29,220 days. Depending on our age, there are a certain number of days remaining


urgency and patience


 However, we simply don’t know when is the end of the game. How you seize and maximize your days alive will be dependent upon your ability to be urgent toward the important and patient with the product.  Hence, urgency and patience.

  • 8-year-old = 2,922 days alive = 26,298 days remaining
  • 10-year- old = 3,652 days alive = 25,568 days remaining
  • 15-year-old = 5,479 days alive = 23,741 days remaining
  • 18-year-old = 6,575 days alive = 22,645 days remaining
  • 21-year-old = 7,670 days alive = 21,550 days remaining
  • 25-year-old = 9,131 days alive = 20,089 days remaining
  • 30-year-old = 10,957 days alive = 18,263 days remaining
  • 35-year-old = 12,783 days alive = 16,437 days remaining
  • 40-year-old = 14,610 days alive = 14,610 days remaining
  • 45-year-old = 16,436 days alive = 12,784 days remaining
  • 50-year-old = 18,262 days alive = 10,958 days remaining
  • 55-year-old = 20,088 days alive = 9132 days remaining
  • 60-year-old = 21,915 days alive = 7305 days remaining
  • 65-year-old = 23,741 days alive = 5479 days remaining
  • 70-year-old = 25,567 days alive = 3653 days remaining
  • 75-year-old = 27,394 days alive = 1826 days remaining

Urgency and patience are both essential skills needed for success and to enjoy life. 

We can’t be so bothered by our number of days remaining, that we don’t strive to be useful, dedicated, and positive towards others and especially ourselves.  

Supply and demand is a cornerstone of economic theory. Prices increase with less supply, coupled with more demand.

Time fits within the supply and demand paradigm. When we are young or younger, we have unlimited supply of time and little demand. Hence, the price or value we place on it is inexpensive. The older we get, however, the less supply of time that we have, and the time demands increase. Hence, as we age, we place a much higher value on time. 

The power of time is why we need to couple urgency and patience together as we travel in life, so we can stay focused, relaxed, and confident. 

urgency and patience


dr rob bell speakerDr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. DRB & associates coach executives and professional athletes. Some clients have included three different winners on the PGA Tour, Indy Eleven, University of Notre Dame, Marriott, and Walgreens.