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What Can You Learn From This Mental Toughness Challenge?

My son is a great boy, but he has fear, just like we all do.

He’ll get afraid of the dark going upstairs, so when he took back his sandwich at Panera because it wasn’t cooked correctly, it was a very proud moment! 

One of my favorite parts of my coaching business is offering the NO ONE Gets There ALONE 30-Days to Mental Toughness. My online coaching isn’t the true joy of one-on-one coaching, but it allows me to help people an experience of getting better.

The 30-day mental toughness challenge only begins at the start of every month and its focus is about creating a Better US and a Better YOU. 

I do not challenge anyone with anything that I haven’t done myself.  But, the only way to build mental toughness is to overcome the adversity in life. We need to get uncomfortable. So, it takes creativity to be able to create situations that challenge ourselves without having to exert some sort of physical challenge. 

Only through discomfort can we grow and realize that our fear was lying to us. No matter what happens in this challenge, I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT DIE! So, it is true that what does not kill you only makes you stronger.

Let Us Be Your Guide To Mental Toughness Coaching 

The following grit challenge below is my personal favorites and I love doing it, but also hate it as well because it makes me uncomfortable. 

The premise is simple: Ask NOT, Want NOT. 

If you want anything in life, we can’t be hindered by the fear of being able to ask for it. A better salary, a nicer home, a sale, a car, or even a relationship! We need to ask for what we want! 

On day 18 on the 30-day Mental Toughness Challenge, my clients receive this: 

Ask for a Discount…

Today, you’ll have to  get to ask a shop that you visit for a discount. (i.e., Home Depot, movie theatre, Starbucks, restaurant, Applebee’s, wherever).

Why do this challenge? 

First, it gets us out of our comfort zone.

We get nowhere in life until we get uncomfortable! The reason we may get uncomfortable is the fear of asking for a discount because they may say “no”, or it may make us feel silly or like a cheapskate. However, these are the mental obstacles and head trash that we need to overcome. 

Get over the fear and do it anyway.  Don’t talk yourself out of it.

Step #1
You’ll be better prepared if you have a strategy heading in. It’ll help get over the un-comfortability. 

Ask “Can I have a discount?” 

And be prepared for the odd look and weird retort, “um, why?” 

Here are some strategies for their response- 

“I’m doing a challenge” 
“I just wanted to ask”  OR 
“I come here a lot” move. 
Or simply reply, “I could really use it, I’d appreciate it.” 
“I wanted to see if 10% off was possible, please?” 

Step #2
This mental toughness challenge is not complete until you actually GET the discount. You’ll get to keep asking…So, take it seriously and stay with it until you’re successful. Patience and persistence…

Step #3
Assess and reflect. What did you learn from this mentally tough challenge? What made you most uncomfortable? Why was it a fear and did it go beyond the fear of rejection?  

My colleague Shannon was put to the coals to do this challenge. “It doesn’t count until you get the discount!” So, she went into Best Buy to buy an Apple watch. She asked and the associate said “Let me see if there is an open box.” She got a few hundred dollars off an Apple watch!

Ask NOT Want Not! 

Now, since you got the discount, how did it feel? 

Mental Toughness is how we respond to the adversity we face in life, but we suck at putting ourselves in situations that challenge us mentally. 

If you want to learn more about the 30-Day Mental Toughness Challenge, click here and start at the beginning of the month! 

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