Can We Avoid Burnout? Here Are Four Strategies (INFOGRAPHIC)

how to avoid burnout

Can We Avoid Burnout? Here Are Four Strategies

After NO ONE Gets There ALONE was published, I was fried.

This book was so difficult to write and took so long that I was simply cashed.

Someone asked me at the book release, “what now?” I said, “A month of depression.”

It was probably just a few days of sadness, but I was burned out…

How did I know?

I told myself I was.

That and I became annoyed at every little mundane task. My tolerance level for frustration just was not there. My emotional tank was empty.

Can we avoid burnout?

Bill Walsh was one of greatest NFL coaches of all-time.  Immediately after winning his 3rd Super Bowl with the team of the 80’s, the 49ers, he knew he was finished coaching.

Here is Coach Walsh in the locker room during the Super Bowl celebration with Brent Musburger asking the question if that was his last game? He started crying because he knew it was over. Bill Walsh said later ” I felt like an outsider.” An Amazing reaction to winning the Super Bowl!

The 49ers would win another Super Bowl the next season with George Seifert as the head coach. Bill Walsh couldn’t avoid burnout, so…

What better mentor to teach us all about how to avoid burnout?

Bill Walsh avoid burnout

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