4 ways to build confidence

4 ways to build confidence

The 4 Scientific Ways to Build Confidence 

1. Past Performance
2. Modeling
3. Verbal Persuasion
4. Body Language 

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1.Past Performance- This is the strongest predictor of confidence. 

Thus, how can we be confident if we haven’t achieved it yet?

In order to achieve big things and have successes, we will reach a point where we haven’t accomplished our goal, yet. We always fall back to the level of training and our own past performances. These proven ways are simple, but they are not easy. 

So, we must hold onto and reinforce our successes along the way, no matter how small or insignificant it may be at the time. This is the strongest of the proven ways to build confidence. 

Confidence is contagious and this is the strongest of the ways to build our confidence muscle.

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2. Verbal Persuasion- We have to be so careful about what we say to ourselves because we are listening.

This is the most common ways that OTHERS try and build confidence and belief in us. Telling us and reminding us what we can accomplish and who we are. 

The struggle is that although we can hear it from others, it’s what we say to ourselves that makes the biggest impact on our own self-worth. 

If we discount or dismiss our coaches or boss’ belief in us, then we’ll never escape the negative self-talk cycle. 

These ways to build confidence are coupled with focus and our self-talk. 


4 ways to build confidence


3. Modeling- They can do it, so that means I can do it. 

We need others to have success around us, because it shows that we can also do it.  

The famous quote by JFK “A rising tide lifts all ships” is akin to making sure others have success. That’s why I believe that true success is rooting for everybody

In any organization or team, there needs to be a model or example of someone who people can point to and look at and say “here, do it like this.” 

Remember Mone’ Davis? She was the awesome softball player in the Little League World Series. The sheer number of girls who saw her compete immensely increased the amount of girls who started playing? WHY? Girls, particularly of color, saw her and said   “she can do it, so can I, She’s just like me!” When we see others have success, it shows us that we can have success as well.

Hence, it’s why we need to focus on the similarities, not differences, between us.

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4. Body Language- This is the reason why confidence is just a feeling. 

These proven ways to build confidence in sports or business are not just pithy sayings. They are based in science. 

Confidence is a feeling when we have it.

To prove it, What do you think about when you perform your best? The answer is always the same, NOTHING…

Confidence is a feeling…. After a tough workout session, you FEEL better, but even though you think you look better, you look no different than before. 

Confidence is a feeling….The opposite is true, when we lose confidence, it turns into thoughts… It doesn’t mean the thoughts are even negative, it just means that we are thinking too much…

These are the 4 proven ways that build confidence.

Life is tough. Sports is tough. Business is tough. If you lose belief in yourself, then you’re in trouble! Focus on these strategies!


dr rob bell speakerDr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. DRB & associates coach executives and professional athletes. Some clients have included three different winners on the PGA Tour, Indy Eleven, University of Notre Dame, Marriott, and Walgreens.