Confident people can do this skill…

Last week, during one round of golf, I actually 3-putted four times….Yeah, brutal. Only after doing an autopsy, I realized something. I never made an adjustment. Confident people can do this skill!

Rory McIIory heading into the PGA Championship was the confident favorite had won back-to-back tournaments, The Open Championship and The Bridgestone Invitational. However at The Memorial in June, he shot a 1st round 63 and followed it with a 78. At The Scottish Open in July, he carded a 1st round 64 and again shot 78 in the 2nd round. What made Rory successful later on was that he made an adjustment…

Confident people can do this skill…

Confidence lies in the ability to make adjustments. In the classroom, boardroom, or field of play. Those that can make adjustments will be successful. Stubborn people on the other hand make no adjustments (insert definition of insanity here) and sometimes refuse to do.

Confident people can do this

Fundamentals Never Change!

Adjustments can be physical or mental. It may be a change in attitude or to our routine. Most importantly, however, these adjustments are usually small. Our foundation is solid and all we need to do is make small changes. But it may require asking outside people for their help.

Confident people can make these adjustments because they believe an alteration will make them successful. On the other hand, those that struggle are firmly planted in the belief that a change won’t work.

A boat is off-course 99% of the time. The only way for a boat to reach its destination is to be continually tacking…The best view tacking as The Way to sail, while the stubborn view tacking as stress.

Mental Toughness is being able to deal with the struggle, setbacks, and adversity. How we make adjustments will determine our success. Simple, but not easy.

Dr. Rob Bell

Dr. Rob Bell is a Sport Psychology Coach. His company DRB & associates is based in Indianapolis.  Some clients have included: University of Notre Dame, Marriott, and Walgreens. Check out the most recent book on Mental Toughness- Don’t Should on Your Kid: Build Their Mental Toughness   

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