PUKE & RALLY: It’s Not About The Setback, It’s About The Comeback

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Puke & Rally

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Puke and rally



Book Description Puke & Rally

PUKE & RALLY It's not about about the setback, it's about the comeback

Everyone has puked!

No one can avoid it!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, coach, executive, or full-time mom or dad, you’ll face setbacks. There will be strife, turmoil, hardships, and extreme adversity. It is just “when” rather than “if” you’ll encounter them.

However, it’s not about the setback, It’s about the comeback!

Despite all of our mistakes, pain, and misfortune, we can still rally!


In this book you’ll learn and apply:

  • Why just one mistake derails your best plans and you’ll rally if you can overcome this error.
  • Being told or shown that “you’re not good enough” is actually the key to success.
  • Why more people die coming down Mount Everest than climbing up.
  • That the process is more important than the product.
  • The greatest mental skill that you’ll need to come back.
  • The most powerful lightning strikes are from “out of the blue.”


Puke & Rally

Endorsements Puke & Rally

“In this smart, fast-moving book, Dr. Rob Bell lays the foundation to help you get up, get going, and get ahead no matter what life or business throws your way. Rob takes his high-performance lessons, breaks them down into actionable “do-this-now” steps and gives you plenty of mind-sparking stories and examples to chew on. If you’re looking to upgrade your career, your business, and your results – look no further. The resilience and mental toughness handbook for the rest of us is here. Buy a copy for everyone on your team. Yes, it’s that good.”
David Newman, CSP, author of “Do It! Marketing” and “Do It! Speaking

“There will be major setbacks on our journey. But as Dr. Rob writes in PUKE & Rally, the process is more important than the product! It’s about who we transform into because of the trials that we’ll encounter and overcome.”

— Martin Rooney, Coach and Best Selling Author of Coach To Coach 

“I’ve interviewed thousands of millionaires on my podcast and setbacks are common amongst them all. Failure is an asset. It is a gift that will direct us toward the correct path in our life. As Dr. Rob writes in PUKE & RALLY,  failure is painful, but the required ingredient is how we respond to the adversity. It’s all about the comeback!”

  Jaime Masters, Eventual Millionaire

“This book is another stellar example of Dr. Rob Bell’s ability to creatively describe life’s obstacles and provide ideas that will help us respond to adversity.” 

  Joe Skovron, PGA Tour Caddy

“This is THE book about mental toughness I have always wanted to read. Dr. Bell’s book is sharp, articulate and full of heart.”

— John Brubaker, Author of Stadium Status, Leadership Performance Expert, CoachBru.com

“I’ve been able to use my platform to inspire and touch lives. Thank you Dr. Rob Bell, may ‘Puke & Rally’ always be my battle cry!”

— Sandy Zimmerman, 1st mom to hit the Buzzer on American Ninja Warrior

“Being successful in life isn’t about what you achieve, but your ability to look adversity in its dark eyes and move past it.  This book shows us that everyone “pukes” at some stage of their life, but it’s about those who are able to come back from the painful setbacks! Dr. Rob Bell once again has written an insightful, educating, and relatable book that we all can learn from!”

Luke Tyburski: The Ultimate Triathlon, Author of Chasing Extreme

“Life is not a marathon as Dr. Rob writes in puke & rally. It’s more like a 100-mile trail race, I know, I’ve done them! Life is hard and unless we make up our mind to never give up, then eventually we will quit. However, if we can focus correctly and have confidence and courage, then we can create our comeback!”

Lisa Tamati, Coach, and author of Relentless 

“A coach’s greatest gift is to positively create echoes you’ll never hear to transform lives beyond the game. This book hammers home that message and much more.”

Reed Maltbie, Author of Echoes Beyond The Game. TEDx Speaker

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PUKE & RALLY: It's anout about the setback, it's about the comeback



SAMPLE Interview Questions Puke & Rally

  • What’s the main story behind the book?
  • What does a “Better Us Make a Better You” Mean?
  • Why does one mistake derail our best plans and goals? 
  • What do you mean, everyone is an athlete? 
  • Can you explain why successful people were told you can’t do something? 
  • The process is more important than the product?

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